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The Cellars’ Expertise Goes Back 40 Years



Entered Viticulture Industry

Owner starts viticulture career in Sonoma County in the Russian River Appellation


Napa Vineyards

Napa Wineries begins operation on 20 acres in east valley.


Napa Wineries

Owner starts producing her own wine under Napa Wineries brand


Tasting room opens

Napa Wineries starts leasing property for Napa Wineries tasting room.

Strong Foundations

Water well with perpetual rights for 44 feet acres of water consumption per year

17.2 acres planted

5,000 sqft building with sleeping quarters, kitchen, living room, and large wine production facility

100 miles from San Francisco

Market is increasingly favoring small wineries

Consumers are leaving lower price segments and progressing toward premium wines, which are expected to grow by 4-8% in 2018

Millennials are favoring premium small-production-scale wines

Gen X’s can afford premium wines

Market values per ton continue to grow across all market segments

The market is developing towards direct-to-consumer sales: larger profits through increasing revenues from tasting rooms, wine club sales, wine tours, etc.

Clearly there is competition…

Napa Ridge Vineyards

Barone Family Vineyards

Coruce Vineyards & Winery

Donato Family Vineyards

Golden Star Wineries

Sambridge Vineyards

Triassic Vineyards


…but Napa Wineries wines are noteworthy


Syrah-Gold Award, Merlot-Silver Award, Zinfandel-Bronze Award


Syrah-Silver Award, Viognier-Silver Award


Cabernet Sauvignon-Silver Award

Unfortunately, the winery relies on quality alone…


  • Quality of grapes and wines is truly exceptional
  • No marketing investment
  • Tasting room is only sales channel
  • Grape demand far outweighs supply
  • Award-winning wines
  • Excellent customer reviews

Development options show promise

Additional income of $960,000 if all grapes were used for wine production at the current prices

Alternatively, close to $50,000 in additional income if the grapes were sold at market prices

Currently no spending on marketing

New sales channels: wine club, non-retail sales, and restaurant sales

10% yield increase from the current 3.3 tons per acre would not affect grape quality

Additional 4 acres available for expansion

Tasting room location can be improved and the opening hours can be increased from 28/week

Revenues can increase up to 900% without price changes

A winery is well positioned for growth


Secure water supply

High quality of wine

Excellent reputation

Less susceptible to disease

Support from current owner during transition


Lack of marketing

Undeveloped sales channels

Low Utilization of operational capacity

Low brand recognition

Current TR location not ideal


Increases in grape and wine production

Potential for wine tours from San Francisco

Price increases

Moving tasting room to other location


Impending globalization of wine supply

High competition

Decrease in baby boomer business


Current owner is offering an entire year of no-cost training at 20 hours/week in order to preserve legacy and reputation of the vineyard

The Value is Truly Exceptional

Outstanding quality of grapes and wine

Potential wine sales exceeding $1.3 million

Short distance from the most affluent parts of San Francisco

Comprehensive free training by the owner

Limited seller financing available