Buyer Screening

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We screen potential buyers to ensure your information remains private…

Maintaining the confidentiality of a client’s business sale is of utmost importance to us.  If vendors, customers, or employees find out the business is for sale, it is likely that their priorities may shift and the business may suffer consequently.  Worse, the information about the business may fall into a competitor’s hands.  Because of these considerations, we make maintaining client confidentiality a top priority.

Our first step in maintaining the confidentiality of the sale is to create a blind profile about the business.  The blind profile is intended to give buyers basic information about the business, piquing their initial interest.  The report aims to be vague enough to avoid giving away the identity of the business while providing enough information to generate interest from the prospective buyers.

Prospective buyers who are interested in learning more about the blind profile are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.  The buyer is then asked to provide information regarding his/her background and their financial situation.  This information allows us to be efficient in the use of our clients’ time by determining the likelihood of the buyer proceeding.

An additional value to using an intermediary is the presence of a third party to maintain the barrier between the business identity and buyer until the buyer is qualified and signs a confidentiality agreement.